Residential Roof Maintenance EditEdit

Why do you need to have your residential roof maintained? EditEdit

Regular roof maintenance allows home owners to achieve maximum financial value from their roofs.  Extending the life of your roof through regular roof repair and maintenance helps home owners rationally save in larger roofing expenses from damaged interiors from roof leaks and premature roof replacements.

Our proposed roofing materials allow for maintenance work on older residential roofs, however, they must meet the following conditions:

The last layer can not be sterilized and weakened to such an extent that it can withstand shrinkage preservative materials present during the process of drying (i.e. evaporation of solvent or water) membrane are bonded to each other and the substrate on the surface of pap were not many times and in many places carried out repair blisters, cracks, etc. A large number of multiple repairs evidence of increased operational processes roof, its improper execution or weakening of the shell as described above. sealing the roof.

Execution on such roofs maintenance operations will not bring the desired effect. In the first case can lead to the creation of new shrinkage cracking. The second could lead to disruption of the final preserved layer from the substrate by the action of wind forces. In the third to the formation of various defects and disruption of waterproofing coating. Sealing chimneys.

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